My Balti List :)

  1. Do the Bachata with someone. Bonus: Make sure he knows how to beforehand, get drunk and let him lead. That will go well. Sure.
  2. Go on a solo/Impromptu trip. To PARIS!
  3. Learn how to make rings out of sheesha smoke
  4. Spend the night on a beach with my bff bringing in the new year
  5. Go to Bora Bora for my bachelorette trip with Rachita and Bushra
  6. Meet the Perfect Man
  7. Swim with sharks/shark
  8. Make the best chicken dish ever!
  9. Have a big fat indian wedding ❤
  10. Have an advertising agency of my very own.
  11. Buy myself a diamond ring
  12. Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  13. Buy Mom a diamond jewellery set and Dad a Tagheuer watch.
  14. Own a lavish designer gown
  15. Buy myself an LV bag
  16. Make a painting and hang it in my room
  17. Write a book
  18. Be able to throw a dart on the world map and travel to the place it hits
  19. Own at least 1 holiday home
  20. Have my very own walk in wardrobe
  21. Kiss on NYE
  22. Record a talk show with my best friends in it
  23. Make a Vogue – 73 questions episode of self. Watch it 10 years later and laugh
  24. Make the perfect meal for myself
  25. Buy an expensive gift for a significant other
  26. Try Calamari or Sushi