Caught in between?

but mostly purple mostly does the trick for me 😉


Colors determine our personality, our moods, our feelings…Our colour preferences is a key to understand our personalities. Character sketches exist for all the colours under the…rainbow whether it’s a red, saffron, green, or magenta…but wait…what if you’re not defined by any of them? Maybe a mixture…or a shade? Ever found yourself to be a compound?  Here’s a bit on “those” colours that you would probably relate to 🙂

Maroon: Think you’re a red mixed with a little bit of black? Then maroon is definitely your colour! It’s probably the harsh experiences the individual has faced that have matured the Maroon person into someone likable and generous, someone who has been battered by life but has come through. It indicates a well-disciplined Red personality, one who has had difficult experiences, dealt with stressful situations and has not come through unmarked but who has grown and matured in the process, learnt something new and worked upon his weaknesses!

Blue-Green: Confused whether you’re a bluish green or a greenish blue? Exacting, discriminating, poised and attractive, are a few major characteristics of a blue green individual. They tend to be sensitive, intellectual and refined, persevering and stable if rather detached. Blue-Greens have excellent taste, and are usually courteous and charming, capable but often refusing help or guidance. Thus they tend to be stand out in a crowd and may appear to be snobbish at times. But hey why not flaunt the talent when you have it in you!?

Pink: The colour that symbolises girls throughout the world! And now slowly has crept into the men’s wardrobe as well. This colour encompasses the more gentle qualities of Red, symbolizing love and affection without passion. Women who prefer Pink tend to be maternal or in other words “motherly”. Pink desires protection they need to feel secured in life, they demand special treatment and a sheltered life. Pink people appear delicate and fragile sometimes to gain affection and security that they desire the most! Pink people tend to be charming and gentle just as the colour seems to be to everyone as a whole.

Turquoise: Blue but more bright in shade? A little jhatang? As a shade of blue they contain most characteristics of a “blue person”. It’s interesting to know that it also shares the same characteristics of a Piscean. Complex, imaginative and original, Turquoise people drive themselves hard and may be in a state of turmoil under their outwardly cool exterior.

Brown: Mixture of orange and black? A Brown person has stamina and patience, tending to be very solid and substantial, dependable, steady and conservative. Browns are not impulsive and tactless but they love responsibility and are reliable and kind. If you chose Brown, watch out for a tendency to be obstinate and inflexible. You tend to be quite frugal, don’t like to waste money or time on unnecessary extravagances, but when you do spend, it is on quality. You are materialistic, appreciating quality in everything, a comfortable home, the best food and drink and loyal companionship.

Lavender: Coming from such a royal colour purple, the lighter shade mixed with a tinge of light blue, a lavender person is basically snobbish but in a sophisticated and charming way.  Also described as a person who lives “on a higher plane,” never notices anything sordid and is always impeccably and beautifully dressed. Lavender people may be on a continual quest for culture and the refined things in life, high and noble causes but without the necessity of getting their hands dirty. A Lavender person is usually creative, charming, witty and civilized.



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