Analyzing Ads #LikeABoss

An old assignment and now successfully a blog post…something Ive always wanted to share. Probably the only Ad id sit on the couch and watch while the break is on… The Tanishq – Bridal Jewellery Collection Ad

Heres what a dear friend of mine analysed the ad as…

The Tanishq ad revolves around the desire of a parent urging his daughter to accept a good marriage proposal but it is at the end the mother who understands the women in her daughter. The ad inertly highlights the beauty of a marriage and a certain bond that women share on this day to their appearance.

According to the Indian Belief the marriage is the day when the bride is found to be the most attractive girl in the world and that is exactly what this add cleverly puts forth. This ad successfully aims at attracting another segment of its target audience, to-be bride as well as every other woman. Jewellery has always found a special place in the heart of a woman. Diamonds and Gold are priced on a high note hence its purchase is on special occasion and no occasion is greater for a women than marriage. The ad manages to reach out to the masses in the best manner possible where only a woman could read the heart of another. It is never about the time that you spend to understand a women; it is what you do for her that makes your act timeless.