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Wasn’t my Dream, but now it shapes my Reality

Just the ‘name’ gives us media trainees goosebumps

I wasn’t your everyday teenager, who in her first day chilled at the cool kids table, or attended that rave party which led to a lot of hookups (or in this case a bathroom incident that led to uncomfortable conversation between them and the rest of the college), or sat in class with the cutest guy because he asked me to lend him a pen (in my case I was asked to lend a pen to a ‘funny guy’ who later that day was advising his friend across the class as to how NOT to buy a pen and borrow it from someone and not return it back…At present he is my bestest friend :P). I wasn’t the chick in our first semester who had over 50 friend requests from random batch mates, neither was I the one who’d enjoy going out for a drink or go dancing at a club, have a great conversation with anyone there as people would be busy passing out and puking due to the sudden overdose of alcohol in order to seem ‘rebellious’ at that point of time.

Well that’s what I wasn’t I’ll explain for your reference who I was…well to start with the reason I took up advertising was because of my dad, No he wasn’t the psychotic types who’d push me into it only because he wanted me to handle his agency once he retired, he was the cool dad you know? Always been the one who likes to earn and spend as much as he wanted to & have a leisure-ish lifestyle.

Since I was brought up in a comfortable lifestyle, I craved for one, the day I’d become a professional. Driving off to office in a Mercedes, living in a posh area and owning a dog were a few things I’d like to see myself doing in the future…then. Clearly I realized my ticket to a lavish lifestyle would be to do exactly what my dad does, Advertising. Now I don’t consider myself very creative, nor am I drop dead gorgeous (which could lead my clients to agree to everything I say) so yeah to figure out exactly why advertising is for me, I decided to join SIMC…a university that has ‘mass communication’ in their university’s name itself must know their shit right? Well they clearly did but I didn’t…

News to me was only the ones that Cosmopolitan and Vogue delivered, then as college got mundane, they decided to pep us up and take us some place where the batch would unite and work as ONE *ppfftt…hahaha yea right* So it was then that Panchgani happened to me. What merely was a college trip, turned into something more introspective for me and informative for my career. I still remember the college eye candy talking about her dreams and aspirations to join the biggest agency in India – O&M… (Note to self at that time: Google ONM must be some awesome company)… slowly and steadily as time passed I started getting to know what an agency is, how they function and how ONM was actually O(AND)M more professionally known as Ogilvy and Mather. As time passed by I grew mature and a little fat (which I will lose no matter what before my farewell in college) and well now amidst the hustle bustle of getting an internship fate brings me to the agency (who’d hate me if they read my thoughts about them at first) where much informed and career oriented young adults of my age would yearn to work or carry out an internship…Ogilvy and Mather.

So clearly what was once just a piece of information to me, a dream to another…has just begun to shape my reality.