Bong on the Go

Like everyone Im always on the run…to college, then back home, then to some place and then some place else. Then there are those times in my life where Ive just walked…strolled…swam…floated by, the time when me and my family go on our annual holidays 🙂 This post is going to be my Little Travelog and it will be updated every time I go for another well deserved vacation 😀

Lets start with the nearby travel destinations

In & Around the Gulf


These pictures are taken at Wahiba Sands, a place where the starry skys look the most beautiful…spent the evening with some kababs & sheesha while listening to genuine bedouin music at times even dancing to it. Where I can wake up to see the sunrise in between the sculpted sand dunes while drinking some hot coffee all wrapped up in a blanket because it so bloody damn cold. Time spent here was memorable to me and holiday-like because unwinding cant be more relaxing than this.

Then came the beautiful…

Europe Trip 🙂


Snow clad mountains & picture postcard views…thats what Europe was for me. Every place I stepped foot on was like a beautiful painting…more like a Yash Raj movie set. But this trip made me realise how much I love to travel and even though this meant waking up early and catching a bus…I looked forward to every story a city had to tell. Made a snowball 🙂 Visited the Eiffel Tower with the man I love the most (My Dad), Walked around Louvre & watched the Lido. Strolled past the Gondolas with my Mum…ate the worst pizza in Italy ironically. All in all it was a trip that helped me appreciate life a lot more than I had before.

We all love to travel abroad but miss out on such beautiful destinations in our very own country…thus we decided next to go to…

Sikkim, Darjeeling, Gangtok 


Theres just something about cold places…I visited various temples & mountain tops where any human could freeze to death if not wearing 12 layers of clothing. Then the breathtaking views of the valleys and the flowers…the exciting white water rafting and the countless dumsharadz sessions… as philosophical this may sound but Sikkim brought me closer to nature & to myself. I could sit the whole day just looking out of the window…sitting in a vintage Oberoi Hotel which was so very interesting in itself. Getting up late on cold mornings is a feeling to cherish and that is the definition of an ideal holiday to me (:

We talk about dream holiday destinations…mine turned into reality pretty soon 🙂



‘Ravishing’ – is an understatement to describe what the Maldives islands look like. From the window of the airplane to walking on the white sand beaches and looking towards the aquamarine-ish sea…everything about maldives is just AMAZING. Everyday spent in Maldives was just divine…swimming with the biggest shark in the world helped me face my fear…feeding the stingrays made me feel brave…snorkeling with Nemo made me smile underwater…driving a jet ski from one island to another gave me the desired adrenaline rush 😀 (even the fact that I constantly feared a shark would eat me up helped with the rush). To sum it up, me being a water baby LOVED Maldives…and the fact that I visited it before it sank made it so much more worthwhile 🙂



Breathtaking and sinfully relaxing, that’s what Malaysia is all about! Even though I was too young to get into the culture and stories about the place, all I remember is coming home and calling my best friend Bushra to tell her that my bachelorette trip would be to Malaysia. Spas, Shopping and Swimming Pools my FAVORITE words that start with an ‘S’ are all at their best! So photogenic, this is one place Id like to revisit just to know more and see more of its beauty.

Animalistic Kenya


It’s a cruel world out there, but what counts are the experiences that we share at the end of the day. At the age of 12 I had seen a lioness kill a wilderbeast and drag it to her family of a hungry lion and cute baby cubs, A mother Cheetah teaching her babies how to hunt while their ‘bait’ ran for its dear life…who’s side do I take? That was difficult…and painful…yet so mesmerizing as what Mufasa taught us as kids stood true…the circle of life stood complete infront of me. The African tribes consider all the cows of the world to be theirs…clearly they haven’t visited India lol and as a marriage tradition they give herds of cows in exchange of the bride’s hand in marriage…for your information they were ready to give 21 cows for me…I wept with fear as my parents laughed this off and hugged me telling me they were just kidding…Didn’t I say it was a cruel world?

Lots more to come up 🙂 till then Feel Purple ❤




Everyone has an opinion (with a question mark attached to it)

Why wear this? Why not talk? Why so blue? Why so happy? Why so inquisitive? Why not bothered? But then again they love us for what we are. Oh but wait, they’d love you more if you would just change for them… Oh but wait, if I like you why would I ask you to change? That way i’d rather like someone else who IS the change I want.

Change…is considered to be for the better…but the better of who? You? Me? or everyone who surrounds us? So subjective in nature, we resent change because its uncomfortable, its not what we want. Well Its what they want anyway…Why cut your hair? Let it grow…I always wanted my hair to grow. Why did you let go? I would have never done so. Why so judgmental? We all want to be the boss of  ourselves and secretly of everyone else’s, but thats where the irony lies, too many bosses ruin your happiness oh we all know it all yet pretend to be oblivious (spoken out of others experience)

“Why would you do this and why would you do that?” perhaps makes the line of distinction between you & me. I am me and hence I dont want to change. If I did Then I’d just be you.