Everyone has an opinion (with a question mark attached to it)

Why wear this? Why not talk? Why so blue? Why so happy? Why so inquisitive? Why not bothered? But then again they love us for what we are. Oh but wait, they’d love you more if you would just change for them… Oh but wait, if I like you why would I ask you to change? That way i’d rather like someone else who IS the change I want.

Change…is considered to be for the better…but the better of who? You? Me? or everyone who surrounds us? So subjective in nature, we resent change because its uncomfortable, its not what we want. Well Its what they want anyway…Why cut your hair? Let it grow…I always wanted my hair to grow. Why did you let go? I would have never done so. Why so judgmental? We all want to be the boss of  ourselves and secretly of everyone else’s, but thats where the irony lies, too many bosses ruin your happiness oh we all know it all yet pretend to be oblivious (spoken out of others experience)

“Why would you do this and why would you do that?” perhaps makes the line of distinction between you & me. I am me and hence I dont want to change. If I did Then I’d just be you.


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