The Filmy Family


Its all about loving your family…

yup thats right! Ive found a best friend in both my mum & dad, and whats even more awesome is that many other kids have too…but then again Im their favorite 😉

My Dad. The Amitabh Bachchan of the family 🙂

Newspapers refer to him as the golfer named ‘Ever Smiling Milan Chatterjee’ but then again me and mum are the only ones who know of his phases…When angry the Gabbar Phase, when upset the Amitabh Bachchan in Deewar Phase andddd when happy then the Rishi Kapoor phase. Im more like my father when it comes to living my life…the practicalities of life & the organizing & planning is all in my genes thanks to him! All in all whether in a good mood or a bad mood he is what I will always perceive as the Perfect Man.

A small something about my dad that many dont know: My dad who was a chain smoker in his days gave up smoking completely on the 10th of March 1993 and hasn’t touched a cigarette since then…he never felt the need for it after that now that his little daughter was born ❤ 

Meri Ma – The Jaya Bachchan of the family 🙂
All those who thought Jaya Bachchan was crazy in K3G because she felt the presence of her loved ones without any doubt…have definitely not met my mum (: At first she comes off as a very strict person who likes to keep to herself…but those close to her know and enjoy her sense of humor. Ive always wanted to be like her…a very no nonsense woman who stands by her loved ones no matter what. Any sort of loose talk wont even reach her as her stern-straight face usually drives it away. The amount of strength that takes is unimaginable. She in all sense is my best friend who at the end of my bad day would make me some coffee and ask me to let it all flow out of my system…(which usually ends up as an hour of a bitching session)
A small something about my mum that many dont know: My mum was paranoid about dogs, but because I loved dogs so much and Dad decided to gift us an angel for my birthday…my mum got over her fear and loved Ginger Chatterjee like family 🙂

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