Daily Prompt: The Transporter

Daily Prompt: The Transporter

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

Wow childhood, I think I grew out of that only when I arrived in Pune. Haha…no really! See the place where I was brought up would actually sound as a tale from the arabian nights!

The other day my friends and I were discussing about how the sheesha parlors are shut now in Maharashtra and drinking age is 25…and thats when I realized how we as kids never ever faced such restrictions!

Muscat…the city which seems like an oyster now had protected us young adults from the big bad world out there! Life was blissful and people never needed a reason to party…yes its a dreamy city. Its a blend of happening and laid back…the right mix of both which made it impossible for people to believe that there exists a world filled with hardship and turmoil, oh and Im talking about just the kids, our parents on the other hand worked their asses off to basically help us afford this lavish and luxurious living. But we as kids, wanted everything we got eventually 🙂 From school after parties to late night beach parties, there would be expensive booze, dancing, fancy cars, fancy phones etc…SPOILT is an understatement. Yes some people may argue saying ohhh but we struggled our way through high school…to which I would wonder if it was removing glitter nail paint off our toes or picking out what to wear for farewell the most difficult task we had to undertake. If you dont believe me you should know the minute I landed in muscat this time I went straight to my neighbor’s house, had champagne gulped down my throat (thanks Bimal Uncle!) and smoked some sheesha even before I could drink a glass of water! See what I mean by the prefect life?

When I tell my friends here about my life in Muscat they are AMAZED by the glittering glamour I was a part of in the city. Although after coming to India, I wouldnt say I have matured like a responsible adult, but matured enough to understand how Life has so much more to it than all that…and how I need to struggle my way through it all to achieve the same!

P.s: The sensation was the sheesha smoke smell that started the whole conversation that I ranted about for the past 15 minutes soo yeah 😀


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