My take on life :)

Daily Prompt: Alma Mater

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

I love giving a speech, whether its to my cousins or my dog haha No really I do! Lecturing someone is my forte! (Yes yes Im going to grow up to be a nagging mom deal with it)
So here goes!

You see there are 2 paths (ahhhh you know them by heart already but wait read on it gets interesting!) One is a nice clean path with loads of footprints and the other is a very risky path because you see no one took it…and Robert Frost would say go ahead and take the road less travelled because thats what makes YOU different…I dare disagree with him…

But think about it, in today’s world BOTH the paths look identical by now because everyone has taken the road not travelled, (Thanks to Robert Bhai) I mean you wont even be able to distinguish between both the paths! So I’d say, sit down right there at the junction…and speculate, think of the pros and cons of both the roads…Which would make you genuinely happy and satisfied? Trust me both the roads will provide their fair share of difficulties but the question here is ARE YOU READY TO FACE IT?

Competition. Wherever in the world you are today, you will have to face competition, whether you travel the path A or B (doesnt matter they both look the same remember?) Some people might derive this post as a result of my actions, I took up Mass Communication because I HATED/DETESTED Math. If I see or hear numbers I could shove a ball pen in the eye of the person who was enforcing them on me…Mum & Dad at first did want me to take up Science and trusttttt me they just CALL it Science its all Math! After a while I thought my friends would come to me and say “Hey did you read that story in english class about how alpha met gama and had a beta” (sorry for the bad joke its all dad’s fault)…but then later on they knew I had to pick my path 🙂

So yes rather than ranting on I’d just like to say that I took the road most people did take, an easy route which people would say is mass communication, and now specializing in advertising…because I loveeeee what I do, and so do most of the people in my industry clearly and trust me it isnt easy (when you travel the road only then will you know of the hurdles)…no profession in life is easy, you just need to love to learn more about your work and thats how we grow as an individual and as a society.

Some say to me till date “arey advertising? yeh toh koi bhi kar sakta hai” to which I turn around and ask them “Phir kiya kyun nahi?”
To which (till now) I havent heard a satisfactory answer


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