She is not my Best Friend

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need


Yup, you read it right! She is not my best friend…
People say close friends hear about your adventures but best friends live them with you…well this friend of mine has not only survived the adventures we have had, yet wouldn’t mind re-living each and every moment of happiness or regret in the past if it meant getting to spend more time with me. She is that friend in my life because of who our parents doubted our sexual orientation, as we would spend hours talking in the night, sneak up to the phone and delete the call from our call logs because we ‘shouldn’t’ be talking at 3 AM…I mean who made these rules anyway? Well whoever did, didn’t have a friend like her.
From witnessing a slug like monster pouring out of a pepsi bottle (Yes its true…See what I meant by adventure?) to witnessing a sandstorm in the middle of Winter (No you wont believe that because you HAD TO BE THERE TO) we have encountered such abnormal yet memorable times that its difficult to live without her now. 
In school we couldn’t wait for college so as to live with each other thereafter…but God had other plans for us…he was testing us, you know the drill, “The Long Distance Relationship”. But contrary to popular belief it actually worked out pretty well for us 🙂
There was a time in school when she had become a council member and I don’t know if it was or wasn’t a big deal…I had turned up to cheer for her (as a surprise). I will never forget the look on her face when she saw me…mostly because that was my face the night she turned up at my door on my 19th Birthday to surprise me. Its that feeling when you are SO FRIKKING happy that your brain cant take it anymore and gets confused due to the sudden extreme flow of emotions and then decides to make you laugh and cry at the same time. Its pretty confusing for people to understand what you are going through at that minute of emotional explosion…but not for my friend here. We both knew how we felt exactly.
I complete her sentences and she completes my life…She is not my Best friend…Friendship is an understatement, She isn’t a part of my life…She is my life 🙂
My soulmate and Human Diary
Here’s me, at my utmost Gay moment sharing with the world what you mean to me ❤ 


Home Sweet Home

Daily Prompt: Dream Home
You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Its funny how all my lottery money would go just booking land in India, especially if I want to book a land in Mumbai. But anyhow, considering the fact that even that is paid for (I wish) here are the plans *drumroll* Note to self: I cant live in this huge house alone so consider me married 🙂


My personal architect: My best friend, an insanely talented individual Bushra 🙂

I have always LOVED staying in a villa, its elegant and spacious and I would love to have a nice big and fluffy dog maybe a collie to enjoy some space and run around. One enters into a hugely humongous living room with a chandelier that can blind you, and sofas laid out mostly in bohemian print…and so cozy that you can sink into them.
Then an open kitchen, with a small opening to the backyard where we could have a nice barbecue dinner. Thennnnnn maybe 2 guest bedrooms, an AV library for reasons known to a lot of you 😉 and a 55″ LCD to watch each and every movie that I own!
Finally my favorite part! MASTER BEDROOM! Okay so its a king size bed with silk drapes rolled from the top giving it a very arab-ish and turkish feel, then my walk in closet, and the bathroom with a Jacuzzi. WOW, I can actually picture this!
An indoor pool, but I dont know where to place it so I will let Bushra worry about that! I would love all the rooms to have a theme, different colors and different stories and various patterns and moods. I would really love to own the house Cameron Diaz had in The Holiday in short, Oh well and thats all 🙂 Haha yeah its a bit much whereas some may say I have missed out a lot! But these are probably the only luxuries I would like to enjoy maybe when I have the dough to earn this dream! And oh well cheers to that and the thought that someday I would be blogging from the very house 🙂

A traveller not a tourist

Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?


Bag (check) Camera (check) Earphones (check) Glares (check) Money (double check) Passport (Yeah…its somewhere in my bag I think…)

The mere thought of travelling makes me want to jump with joy and clap like a happy seal 🙂 I would love to lead a nomadic life only and only if I had won a lottery and had my own private jet. Oh well once I retire I want to travel all by myself to each and every continent in the world… maybe walk down a beautiful road…sit by a sun kissed beach and watch the waves wash away all the stress Ive accumulated in my system, fall asleep on a hammock while writing my journal or go sight seeing with my ear phones on… *sigh* A holiday 🙂 While travelling nourishes your soul it helped me fight my fears…you know…of sharks and butterflies ** No really 😦 They freak me out to another level… Yet yours truly has visited 2 butterfly parks and went swimming with the biggest shark in the world in Maldives *yes I am the bravest person you know*
As for my To Do’s, Ive always wanted to make a mosaic picture collage out of my paris trip, which I couldn’t back when I had visited the beautiful place but soon people…it shall be done!
As it is already on my bucket list, I want to throw a dart on a world map and travel to that blessed place… and not having a home base is spooky yet I think to myself…what is home? A place where your comfort lies and my comfort lies wherever my family and friends reside…so no matter which part of the world I am…as long as they’re around I have nothing to fret about.

So heres to more travelling…and exploring and experiences that will eventually but definitely blow my mind ❤

Daily Prompt: Mirror, MirrorFinish this sentence: “When I look

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror


Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . . “

I to be very honest check if I have a double chin, and then think to myself if I have lost any weight even though I cant help but stuff myself all day long…and then I look at my eyes and wonder why do people like it so much and then look at my pig like nose which would categorise as an endangered specie on my face as it is partly non existent…and then I think to myself “Wow, theres 15 mins of my life Im never going to get back so lets get back to doing something productive”

*Goes back to download more chick flicks* 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


School 🙂
It was so long ago yet I remember it like it was today morning 😛 Wearing coloured clothes on your birthday was the coolest in primary and middle year but in senior year it was considered kiddish. Who got the most number of friendship bands and who dated a senior would determine the popularity of an individual (dont worry those bands you see up there are all I got from 6th grade to the 12th grade and well I knew people who got as many bands ‘per year’ oh I also know people who would make bands for themselves as well lol) So getting back to that picture…
See that little brown box? That is my best friend memory box, which has all the friendship bands Bushra had given me during school, and they are tied to her letters and poems that she would write for me (personally they were hilarious but so touching they still make me cry)
Those tiny shells are a memory from Turtle beach, the coolest field trip we went to! That is where I met my first ever crush, he used to make these chalk carvings too, there was one of the Linkin Park drummer which I disposed sometime back, I remember we all were carrying our walkman (the father of the ipod) and he was carrying a discman (an elder brother to the ipod) and was everyone super impressed!
Oh and there is a monitor batch of the time I was the girl monitor with a boy who all my friends (including me) obsessed about…and by obsession I mean crazy…wild…oh my god obsession. I had actually wasted 365 or more pages of my diary just writing about how he would say “Hi” or probably just look in my direction or have a conversation with me regarding the tables and chairs or keep his bag on my bag so as to pass each other in the hallway…yeah the last one was just a figment of my imagination he probably then didnt even know my last name or the fact that I would stalk him and prank call him with my besties, my friends and I would wait for him to come to birthday parties just to catch a glimpse…its funny how when we are all grown up it all seems like a waste of time, energy and proof of bad taste :/
Some letters and tiny gifts, some chits and random memories is what I am left with today, as much as I hated going to school I finally miss it now…not because of all the good times but because I’d love to go back in time and make them even better 🙂