Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


School 🙂
It was so long ago yet I remember it like it was today morning 😛 Wearing coloured clothes on your birthday was the coolest in primary and middle year but in senior year it was considered kiddish. Who got the most number of friendship bands and who dated a senior would determine the popularity of an individual (dont worry those bands you see up there are all I got from 6th grade to the 12th grade and well I knew people who got as many bands ‘per year’ oh I also know people who would make bands for themselves as well lol) So getting back to that picture…
See that little brown box? That is my best friend memory box, which has all the friendship bands Bushra had given me during school, and they are tied to her letters and poems that she would write for me (personally they were hilarious but so touching they still make me cry)
Those tiny shells are a memory from Turtle beach, the coolest field trip we went to! That is where I met my first ever crush, he used to make these chalk carvings too, there was one of the Linkin Park drummer which I disposed sometime back, I remember we all were carrying our walkman (the father of the ipod) and he was carrying a discman (an elder brother to the ipod) and was everyone super impressed!
Oh and there is a monitor batch of the time I was the girl monitor with a boy who all my friends (including me) obsessed about…and by obsession I mean crazy…wild…oh my god obsession. I had actually wasted 365 or more pages of my diary just writing about how he would say “Hi” or probably just look in my direction or have a conversation with me regarding the tables and chairs or keep his bag on my bag so as to pass each other in the hallway…yeah the last one was just a figment of my imagination he probably then didnt even know my last name or the fact that I would stalk him and prank call him with my besties, my friends and I would wait for him to come to birthday parties just to catch a glimpse…its funny how when we are all grown up it all seems like a waste of time, energy and proof of bad taste :/
Some letters and tiny gifts, some chits and random memories is what I am left with today, as much as I hated going to school I finally miss it now…not because of all the good times but because I’d love to go back in time and make them even better 🙂


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