A traveller not a tourist

Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?


Bag (check) Camera (check) Earphones (check) Glares (check) Money (double check) Passport (Yeah…its somewhere in my bag I think…)

The mere thought of travelling makes me want to jump with joy and clap like a happy seal 🙂 I would love to lead a nomadic life only and only if I had won a lottery and had my own private jet. Oh well once I retire I want to travel all by myself to each and every continent in the world… maybe walk down a beautiful road…sit by a sun kissed beach and watch the waves wash away all the stress Ive accumulated in my system, fall asleep on a hammock while writing my journal or go sight seeing with my ear phones on… *sigh* A holiday 🙂 While travelling nourishes your soul it helped me fight my fears…you know…of sharks and butterflies *need.to.think.happy.thoughts.* No really 😦 They freak me out to another level… Yet yours truly has visited 2 butterfly parks and went swimming with the biggest shark in the world in Maldives *yes I am the bravest person you know*
As for my To Do’s, Ive always wanted to make a mosaic picture collage out of my paris trip, which I couldn’t back when I had visited the beautiful place but soon people…it shall be done!
As it is already on my bucket list, I want to throw a dart on a world map and travel to that blessed place… and not having a home base is spooky yet I think to myself…what is home? A place where your comfort lies and my comfort lies wherever my family and friends reside…so no matter which part of the world I am…as long as they’re around I have nothing to fret about.

So heres to more travelling…and exploring and experiences that will eventually but definitely blow my mind ❤


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