Home Sweet Home

Daily Prompt: Dream Home
You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Its funny how all my lottery money would go just booking land in India, especially if I want to book a land in Mumbai. But anyhow, considering the fact that even that is paid for (I wish) here are the plans *drumroll* Note to self: I cant live in this huge house alone so consider me married 🙂


My personal architect: My best friend, an insanely talented individual Bushra 🙂

I have always LOVED staying in a villa, its elegant and spacious and I would love to have a nice big and fluffy dog maybe a collie to enjoy some space and run around. One enters into a hugely humongous living room with a chandelier that can blind you, and sofas laid out mostly in bohemian print…and so cozy that you can sink into them.
Then an open kitchen, with a small opening to the backyard where we could have a nice barbecue dinner. Thennnnnn maybe 2 guest bedrooms, an AV library for reasons known to a lot of you 😉 and a 55″ LCD to watch each and every movie that I own!
Finally my favorite part! MASTER BEDROOM! Okay so its a king size bed with silk drapes rolled from the top giving it a very arab-ish and turkish feel, then my walk in closet, and the bathroom with a Jacuzzi. WOW, I can actually picture this!
An indoor pool, but I dont know where to place it so I will let Bushra worry about that! I would love all the rooms to have a theme, different colors and different stories and various patterns and moods. I would really love to own the house Cameron Diaz had in The Holiday in short, Oh well and thats all 🙂 Haha yeah its a bit much whereas some may say I have missed out a lot! But these are probably the only luxuries I would like to enjoy maybe when I have the dough to earn this dream! And oh well cheers to that and the thought that someday I would be blogging from the very house 🙂


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