Now Serving: The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

I have watched innumerable seasons of The Sex & the City, 100 different chick flick movies and read so many inspiring but false novels about the Perfect Love Story, that it really made me believe that ‘Hey! that is so me. That guy she’s with is the ONE’ Just like I thought Santa and tooth fairies were out there. The myth about Tooth Fairies got busted when I actually broke half my milk tooth and found 500 baiza instead of RO.1 under my pillow (Thanks Dad) My myth about Santa got busted when Dad couldn’t keep a secret no longer (Runs in the family) Now that I’m 21, the myth of a Perfect Man has gone poof!

Sense of humour (Check)
Tall (Check)
Watches my genre of movies (Check)
loves to talk (Check)
Great side smile (I’m weird about that, sue me! Check)
Ambitious (Check)
Holds my hand in front of his/my friends (Check)
I couldn’t stop checking every little detail off my Perfect Man Checklist. I had that by the way, 4 times. Look where it got me? I’m single, in the city of dreams (Bombay, not New York…This isn’t Carrie Bradshaw) trying to figure out what went wrong. Did I expect too much? Is this being picky? Did all the gentlemen perish post my Dad’s generation?

While men ponder over and joke about ‘What a woman wants’, I’m sure my people wonder the same…the question is – does it matter what we want? The minute we proclaim what we want, you want something completely different and then we have to meet you halfway. When we want something, you tell us it’s illogical, unattainable, or manipulate us to want something YOU want. So the real question is ‘What is it that YOU want us to want?’ Hah! Then maybe, as the Perfect man may not exist, there maybe someone suited to fit your prototype. Soulmates I suppose do exist, or do you just get used to your partner after a while? This could make an interesting research someday. I bet half the couples I know, don’t even know it’s over because they’re so used to each other to wonder…where’s the love?

When I was 10, I’d want my Prince Charming to ride a white horse, give me the cheeziest of lines, text me all day long, make me laugh, smell good, buy me gifts…now all I want him to do is Give.Me.Some.Space, treat me like an equal, let me buy myself that diamond ring I always wanted to, to be self secure, to love me for what I am, have a smart sense of humor, forgive easily, be less hateful, let me go out with my girlfriends and never run out of topics to talk about. Well ladies, lets hope you find your prototype soon, and mine finds me.