Hey, I love you – Yours Forever – Me

No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

Life is too short to not fall in love. When you’re single all you want is love and then when you’re in a relationship you forget the love, probably because you spend most of your time planning things that must happen in the perfect order. You know the usual, meet the one in college, get a graduation picture with him/her and then date him for a good 8 years before you get married and then have a time lapse gallery in your hallway so that when people come over they’re are appalled by your journey of love or disappointed because they couldn’t have that (Most people like the latter reaction, bitches.)

But I’m not even talking about that kind of love, hah gotcha! There goes 3 minutes of your life you’re not getting back…okay I’m drifting, focus. The point is we often forget that the 1 person who deserves all that love is…ourselves. Don’t worry I’m not going to rant about the whole oh love yourself because you’re a loner and nobody wants you (No seriously people usually think that, but never admit it to you) It really doesn’t matter, I think one should love themselves only because we can never let ourselves down. We expect the doable from our self and sometimes we out do or perform extraordinarily and that’s always a pleasant surprise. In fact recently I’ve realized that we have 24 hours in a day (Duhh not only that smartass read on, the realization is for part 2 of the sentence that’s coming up) we can always spare an hour heck 2 dedicated to just ourselves, do you know how self satisfying that is? Do whatever makes you happy; draw, doodle, paint, sleep, look out the window, dance, clean your closet, pack and unpack, play Pokemon (Oh I miss that! I’m doing just that right after I’m done) go to Starbucks with your MacBook and pretend like you’re a budding writer Haha, re-watch pretentious movie reviews while staring at Kanan Gill laugh because it’s so darn cute (Who? I don’t do that eww. Hah ha oooh awkward..okay moving on). Point being, don’t let a 9Gag post make your day, or a crush adding you on Facebook make your day memorable, do something that REALLY makes your day…you know, awesomesauce! Hmm seems like I found my new favourite word (If you’re interested the last one was yummerz, boy did my friends plot my murder for that or what!).

For me, I like maintaining this journal, it’s my wedding journal. I like cutting out outfits from a magazine, images of the perfect venue and other ideas from various sources and putting them together like in a scrapbook. Who knows, if in the future I’d have time to do this, but all I know is that it makes me happy now, and some of you would find it creepy because you know I don’t have a boyfriend and yet I maintain a wedding journal (By that I mean the men, girls, you’re totally going to do this after reading this…oh wait no not now finish this and then go! OR haven’t gone back to finishing what you once started as a hobby and well now remembered so would go back and complete it.) But hey, 6-7 years down this horribly confusing road we call life, I will look at this journal, and it would have made my day…for real.



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