When Bombay Rocked and so did I

I have never been to a rock concert or well a concert in my entire life. When my friends would listen to metal and rock I’d cringe and look for a way out of there! But things have changed in the recent past, it always does doesn’t it. The urge to experiment really pushes you to do things that can amaze not only other people but yourself. So as a silly joke my best friend dared me to ask a guy out a few weeks back. I would NEVER do such a thing, especially because I would NEVER do that…like NEVER…well you get where I’m coming from. So she gave me a good enough incentive (This incentive benefited her a lot more than me or so I’d like to think) and I went ahead and asked him out because, well I could (Wow, to even begin explaining what it took for me to do this, it would take an entire blog post). For our convenience let’s call this gentleman Kool Guy (Inside Joke Alert: Yeah you see what I did there).

Kool Guy is somewhat a rage here in India and children I mean women ok small.underage.women love/obsess/idolize/want to do weird naughty stuff to him. He’s quite normal though, I assure you…believe me. No? Oh well. He decided to meet me for a drink at the Harley Rock Riders which was a rock concert. The catch, he was playing. Duhh. Worked out well for him too I guess. For two weeks I thought to myself, Rock? Me? Really? Concert? Alone? Rock? Byculla? 😛 But then I decided to go with my gut feeling (and the fact that if at all Kool Guy cared, I didn’t want to stand him up…seeeee I’m a nice person) and go for the gig. It was a two day gig and it featured a few of India’s best rock bands, personally I loved Tough on Tobacco and Mutemath. I even enjoyed the band Kool Guy was playing for, it was simple yet funny and the music was very catchy! I finally understood why girls back in school would drool over guitarists, they just look so empowered on the stage with their guitars and rugged looks and that mic and that voice and so much eye contact to impress the ladies I guess.

So everything was going great, I had prepared myself to not even keep a slight bit of hope of him recalling who the hell I was. So after his gig I went up to Kool Guy after his fan girls were done with him of course and weirdly never introduced myself but just got talking. The conversation was close to nothing, besides Kool Guy was quite unavailable in terms of time or for a drink. But then again that’s probably the perks/problems of being famous and well I wouldn’t blame him for not falling head over heels in love with me at my first rock concert considering he didn’t even know my name. Since I was giving wayyyyy too much importance to this ‘drink date’ I decided to tell him I was leaving, he was sweet enough to speak to me for awhile and then we went our ways. I was then free to enjoy what was my 1st experience in the world of music.\

The gig really did bring out something that was lost in me for a long, long time…the urge to let go. I stood there and soaked the energy that grunge garage venue had, met people who are insanely hilarious and jumped as much as my legs could take. I also watched as girls swooned over guitarists while boys played air drums and the crowd cheered and chanted random swear words and all of this just made me wonder…what took me so long to do this? More than the drink date with Kool Guy, I actually enjoyed letting go, gulping cranberry and vodka like water because well…heat, and just living in the moment like a few others around me. It was all worth it, unknowingly my best friend and Kool Guy had given me a chance, a chance to live my life the way I never dared to.

P.s: A random piece of information, I also participated in/won my first twitter contest a few days before this, the prize was a free ticket to this gig 🙂

Harley Rock Riders


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