The Class Cutie

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s Friday, I’m in Love.”

It’s a good thing I had the habit of maintaining a journal, that way my friends and I can remember the excruciating details of our first crush back in school.

Back in the day when mum tied my hair into pretty little chotis *sigh*, Kaajal was supposed to be for Highschool girls, socks were to reach up till your knee if possible, and being chubby meant being cute, obviously meant that getting a guy to like you was not really a walk in the park, especially if he is your *CRUSH*. I remember it so well, he had walked into the class – Lean, tall, fair, big eyes and a great side smile. He was Teenage Ken in the world where we yearned to be Barbies. Normally during lunch hours girls would gawk at him, oh but I wouldn’t…”Aint nobody got the time for that” I said, but only if they could read my thoughts. In my head, I was with Teenage Ken. He used to worship me and treat me like THE ONE. I used to bake him cupcakes and he would buy me flowers. He would sing and dance for me like Shahrukh Khan did back then and I would blush away. He would sing, dance, write, draw, play, save the earth, beat Superman, was secretly Batman and possibly everything perfect…of course all in my head. But little did I now, wooing a guy was going to be SO DIFFICULT.

I remember developing a keen interest towards Pokemon since he played it so much! I bought a Gameboy Advance, Red, yellow, blue, green version cartridges, trading cards and read up on them all. That’s when we had a common ground to communicate. Yes, Pokemon was the basis of the real life relationship that we shared.

Teachers would like me a lot, I liked to be organised and they were well, in need of some organisation…so the classroom romance would bloom in ways you’d never believe. Distributing notebook buddy, lunch buddy, Pokemon buddy and oh the classic…when you’re the monitor of the class and are asked to write the names of the boys talking in class – Write Teenage Ken’s name and then erase it right before the teacher arrives – Little excitement and mischief always tends to work…doesn’t it?

Although first crushes are remembered only for those little butterfly-ish effect in your baby fat filled tummy, it’s a short lived experience, for most of us. I invited Teenage Ken for my birthday party and he gifted me a book, it was all awwww till I found out he previously owned the book and gave it to me as a recycled gift.

Sadness filled my soul, and then his parents decide to move. More sadness filled my soul. WHO will I look at when I don’t understand jack in math class? Then the time comes when he leaves. Soon, he grows up to become an investment banker with a hot girlfriend.

And you thought this was going to have a happy ending?

Hah just kidding, you grow up to be a sexy badass who finally becomes a billionaire. Woo Hoo!

The End


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