One Day.


That quote right there. It can be a fancy quote for some, a mobile wallpaper of a sobo friend, a poster to stick at work, a motto for teenage girls…for me; That’s inspiration.

I remember when I went for a family holiday to Europe. It was a package trip and the last stop was France. My parents had saved every penny possible for this dream to come true – something I never understood at that point. I’d look out of the moving bus at the wide green fields and the crystal blue rivers, kids don’t enjoy this much and so, neither did I and well I slept through most of the trip (Boy do I regret it now). But when we reached Paris, I just knew I HAD TO RE-VISIT THIS CITY MORE THAN ONCE!

From being the fashion capital to having the perfect weather, to the beautiful roads and the amazing atmosphere I FRIKKIN LOVED PARIS. When I went to the Louvre, every painting had a story to tell, when I came across the Eiffel Tower – I instantly felt a pang of romance in my system, from the tiny coffee shops to the gorgeous looking people – the city was perfect. Something made me want to stay longer, sit at a cafe – write my journal while sipping on Hot White Cocoa or just walk around the city and inhale the culture if that was possible. No other city had ever rubbed off on me as such…I’d like to think of it as that guy you had a giant crush on and never really got to know well, you always wish to bump into him so that you can soak up some more of that hot stuff.

Having felt all these bizarre emotions, this quote inspires me because someday I’d like to see this post, pack my bags and leave for Paris. These struggles, ambition, sacrifices…everything is to enjoy the luxury of wanting to travel to a city that makes you want to fall in love with it over and over again. You know what? Someday I will, and that someday I’ll probably write another blog post sitting at a cute cafe, sipping on some Hot White Cocoa…wonder what I’d write about?

Maybe the wanderlust to fly off to another foreign land…and fall in love with it just as much as Paris.

Au Revoir

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