The Girl With The Birthday Jinx…Happy Birthday. Here’s hoping the internet doesn’t crash.

I grew up listening to fairytales, thrilling stories, ghost stories…but you know the story my kids will grow up listening to? Will be this one!

Once upon a time there lived a girl. Skin fair as the fair and lovely cream itself and hair that could give Barbie a complex. It’s not common for one to hear; “I lived in Panchgani.” We all knew there was something different about her since then. So the pahadi child spent her time in boarding school there, discovering herself…becoming the rebel, the little wild child that she is. She almost met her Prince Charming there, but that wasn’t the time for their love story…I hope and pray that time comes soon. As she grew up, she became a confident and accomplished woman with luck so good, she probably was a horse shoe that crushed nimbu and mirchi in her previous life…really. She’d know the most perfect gentlemen, spend time with the most caring friends and knew a hell lot of frikkin hot men (Some with a sense of humour and a sexy smile. We now refer to him as sexmuffin, but more about him later. It’s not his birthday). She loved to celebrate life 358 days of the year. The 7 days in a year that seemed to be the most unfortunate was known amongst her friends and her as – The Cursed Birthday Week.

I can say without doubt that this woman was celebrating her birthday many MANY years ago on the Titanic. If she had directed the movie Titanic, movie doob jaati! So you know where I’m going with this, her birthday week was a BAD WEEK FOR EVERYONE AROUND HER AND HERSELF. Planning a birthday party for her would be a disaster. You’d book a cab to surprise her at 12, when later enquired you’d find out the cab booking wasn’t registered. You’d want to make a Cadbury Shots Cake for her, but unlike every other day, it would be nowhere to be found. You’d want to make sure her birthday is a hit, but you suddenly discover you’re out of town (Has happened a multiple times). You’ve wanted to gift her the perfect gift you think she will love on her birthday, but it takes more than a month to ship…it seems as if it were being shipped from The Shire and not Singapore (Birthday Gift Hint. No longer valid since it bloody reached you!). Nothing/No one has broken the curse yet. It is like a fairytale isn’t it? A princess with a curse. It’s just cooler because it’s a birthday curse, someday Disney will make a movie on this shit! Unfortunately, I know not the end of this epic tale…because the curse is yet to be broken. Will it be the Prince we spoke about earlier? Will it be sexmuffin? Will it be someone utterly unexpected? Well, we will know soon enough. The day I do, it will make for a great blog post!

So today is the day, may wordpress not crash and may this beautiful picture story that I have below reach out to the most epic human being I am fortunate enough to know and love, Foram =]

We Met.1

We judged people.2

People judged us.3

But that didn’t bother us. Ever.4

You’d be the math whiz in all our assignments!5

Also be the 1st to strike a pose with me whenever 🙂 6

It never really was goodbye for us7

Because the clubs in Bombay awaited your arrival!8

Goa was yet to experience the awesomeness that was well FoMo.9

The crazy phases of life that makes us facepalm now *blush* 10

But look how happy the Happiest Musical Festival was with us around!11

Look how seamless long distance seems!12

Well to all those times and to the future, let’s get sloshed13

Let’s shower each other with PDA forever14

Let’s blaze more often! You know you love me more when I’m hungry and hyper!15

Let’s dress up like nothing matters!16

Let’s just lie down and talk – Life17

Let’s go out and live life 🙂18

Let’s meet studmuffins like him more?19

Let’s look forward to living together again someday!20

And just going out to drink on girls night!21

For now, let’s celebrate all these memories because life is a long journey baby, and we have a million memories more to make ❤ 22

Happy Birthday again Foram! Pyaar & hugs!

P.s: This is my 50th Blog post. It’s half a century 🙂 Yay!