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Don’t date a guy who’s funny.

You’re sitting at the bar sipping on your cosmopolitan and your long legs playfully twirl the bar stool. You’ve got your red dress on tonight (You made up your mind about this while listening to Summertime Sadness even though well it’s December and you’re not sad). You’re having the perfect hair day and you have flooded snapchat with your kaatil adaayein! You’ve got your game on tonight girl!

So at the bar, you scan the room for any single, good-looking man who you hope has a job, has dimples (and a good side smile. Guys who have a good side smile are better kissers. Don’t ask me how I arrived at that, just trust me), is preferably wearing a tie, isn’t gay and can make you laugh. Now this characteristic is usually topping everyone’s list. Haven’t you heard the usual – “The guy of my dreams must be Handsome, Charming, Rich & Funny”? Ok THAT guy, truly IS a man of your DREAMS, because if he existed, cloning machines would have been used to clone the shit out of him.

So getting back to you, now you spot this Bradley Cooper meets Ian Somerhalder guy who also, weirdly existed in your dreams only, but hey he’s right there! You see him drinking scotch…scotch huh! The guy must be deep and well macho! You see him approaching you and before you know it, the odor of his CK breaks the ice. You smile, he smiles.

Handsome Stranger: Hi, I’m Handsome stranger, I must say you look gorgeous (A guy once told me that men like to use words like ‘gorgeous’ and not a common ‘beautiful’ because meh, over used compliments don’t make the cut nowadays)

You at your best: Hi, I’m at my best, I must say your perfume is sexy! (A girl once told me, compliment a guy and he’s smitten. Even if you say, Hi man, you’re good to look at. He will worship you! So don’t really work hard on the fancy substitute of words).

Handsome Stranger: Thanks! I just bought it recently, was looking for a change (Hinting at the fact that his life has undergone change. Subtle much. He should wear a T shirt saying HEY I’M SINGLE. DO ME.)

You at your best: I like change =] (Keeping it short and being the mysterious girl so that he would wanna get close to you…did you sing it? I did. Haha okay)

Handsome Stranger: So are you single?

You at your best: Yes.

Handsome Stranger: Want me to CHANGE that? Ha ha ha ha ohh ha ha errr sorry was that too soon?

You at your best: *YES OH GOD YES TOO SOON YOU WEIRDO BUT OH YOU MADE A LITTLE JOKE* Hahaha you’re such a tease!

So you make conversation about where you both are from and other boring formalities when he mentions he lives in Bangalore, a place you are actually from.

Handsome stranger: Ohhh you’re from Bangalore haan? Maadi Me?

You at your best: Huh?

Handsome Stranger: Maadi means ‘do’ in Kannada. It also rhymes with marry me, it’s quite funny if you know how to speak in Kannada He he he he.

You at your best: *STARING In Disbelief  and wondering how could you let yourself stoop this low? This is officially your lowest! Even lower than the time you rebounded on a celebrity*

Handsome Stranger: *Understands the awkwardness* Come let’s get you another drink! The same one or are you ready for a CHANGE? 😉

You at your best: *HOLY MOTHERFUCKER HE WILL NEVER LET GO OF THAT JOKE* Another cosmo please.

Handsome Stranger to the bartender: One cosmo for the lady and some whiskey for me please? Yeah, any whiskey will do.

Bartender to Handsome Stranger: That would be Rs.1580 sir. Sir I have no change.

Handsome Stranger: Haha you clearly wouldn’t like the bartender huh! Ha ah hahahaha get it? Get it?

You at your best: *Grab your purse, walks away and never turn back. Throw a grenade at him so if possible so that none of us have to go through what the chutiya put you through*

Really, funny men are cynical and twisted. I’ve known a LOT of funny men and well they always prove my theory right. It’s like – Hey Good Morning Gorgeous! Wanna hear a joke? And you’re like oh no can I tell you one? OH NO. Whenever you want to recite an occurred incident, they be like – Oh no you’ll ruin the story or no no that wasn’t the story *recites the exact same story in his voice because that made all the difference*. They wont fake laugh to your jokes even though half of his jokes gutter mein sad rahe hai and they would know exactly when you fake laugh because well how long can we fake it…really and for how many different things?

SO WOMEN. Date a man who shares your sense of humour! Wish for THAT. It’s adorable when you both find the same thing funny and want the same things out of each other, it isn’t when he asks you to CHANGE.


Disclaimer: Apologies for the harsh language. No other words could have been substituted as I didn’t wish for it to be.

Someone Else’s Island

We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with?

I have a problem. A serious problem. It’s called over packing. Thus understandably this question never really made its way to me, even if it did, it came to me as a joke – Oh Momo what are the 5 things you WOULDN’T pack haan? Ha ha ha. Hilarious. But this is an interesting take on the scenario. Let me pick a friend first;

Friend: Foram Divrania
Age: 21
Occupation: Living an enviable life and making more money than most of you reading this post (Even if you read this 10 years down the line, it would stand true #RichBurn)
A little about her: She is undeniably gorgeous, intelligent, funny (oh she is a very funny person), and a very ambitious woman who has the energy level that would put the Duracell Bunny to shame.

So if I were to see her off to a deserted island the 5 things I’d send would be the following and why;

  1. Mobile phone: Being the Twitterati and social media enthusiast that she is, she will definitely need her phone, with mobile data worth a 100 GB. Also with the amount of people she knows, helicopters could be called to drop off bags of necessities.
  2. Portable Charger: If you have been around her enough, you will hear the words “This portable charger is a lifesaver mannnn”. I’m guessing it would be helpful if the island had one tiny charging point he he he. If not her portable charges charges really quickly ok! She will survive this shit!
  3. Protein Cream: She really takes care of her hair. Living with her makes my hair strands feel so neglected because wow, there is so much you can do for your hair and you’re not doing it unless you’ve lived with Foram and she has taught you how to!
  4. Maggi: So many of you may not know this, but she is far more gifted than you think! She has this ability to measure the right amount of water for Maggie which is so perfect it would make the use of measuring instruments obsolete. Also it’s her favourite food because screw dhoklas.
  5. A highly intellectual book: She loves reading, she used to read Danielle Steel novels in play school, remember when we used to make stick figures out of play dough? Yeah, yeah she judged you. Also she is the happiest when she reads, which is nice because she really doesn’t have an anger management problem. I love you Foram. *Offers Dairy milk shots and Silk at her feet*

So there you have it, she is probably the only individual I know who packs an hour before she needs to leave for the airport, a minute before she boards a train, and whilst she is boarding the bus/cab.

Presenting to you ladies and cute boys reading this – Foram Mc Speedy Packing Divrania.

Yes, I'm creepy. Deal with it.

When Bombay Rocked and so did I

I have never been to a rock concert or well a concert in my entire life. When my friends would listen to metal and rock I’d cringe and look for a way out of there! But things have changed in the recent past, it always does doesn’t it. The urge to experiment really pushes you to do things that can amaze not only other people but yourself. So as a silly joke my best friend dared me to ask a guy out a few weeks back. I would NEVER do such a thing, especially because I would NEVER do that…like NEVER…well you get where I’m coming from. So she gave me a good enough incentive (This incentive benefited her a lot more than me or so I’d like to think) and I went ahead and asked him out because, well I could (Wow, to even begin explaining what it took for me to do this, it would take an entire blog post). For our convenience let’s call this gentleman Kool Guy (Inside Joke Alert: Yeah you see what I did there).

Kool Guy is somewhat a rage here in India and children I mean women ok small.underage.women love/obsess/idolize/want to do weird naughty stuff to him. He’s quite normal though, I assure you…believe me. No? Oh well. He decided to meet me for a drink at the Harley Rock Riders which was a rock concert. The catch, he was playing. Duhh. Worked out well for him too I guess. For two weeks I thought to myself, Rock? Me? Really? Concert? Alone? Rock? Byculla? 😛 But then I decided to go with my gut feeling (and the fact that if at all Kool Guy cared, I didn’t want to stand him up…seeeee I’m a nice person) and go for the gig. It was a two day gig and it featured a few of India’s best rock bands, personally I loved Tough on Tobacco and Mutemath. I even enjoyed the band Kool Guy was playing for, it was simple yet funny and the music was very catchy! I finally understood why girls back in school would drool over guitarists, they just look so empowered on the stage with their guitars and rugged looks and that mic and that voice and so much eye contact to impress the ladies I guess.

So everything was going great, I had prepared myself to not even keep a slight bit of hope of him recalling who the hell I was. So after his gig I went up to Kool Guy after his fan girls were done with him of course and weirdly never introduced myself but just got talking. The conversation was close to nothing, besides Kool Guy was quite unavailable in terms of time or for a drink. But then again that’s probably the perks/problems of being famous and well I wouldn’t blame him for not falling head over heels in love with me at my first rock concert considering he didn’t even know my name. Since I was giving wayyyyy too much importance to this ‘drink date’ I decided to tell him I was leaving, he was sweet enough to speak to me for awhile and then we went our ways. I was then free to enjoy what was my 1st experience in the world of music.\

The gig really did bring out something that was lost in me for a long, long time…the urge to let go. I stood there and soaked the energy that grunge garage venue had, met people who are insanely hilarious and jumped as much as my legs could take. I also watched as girls swooned over guitarists while boys played air drums and the crowd cheered and chanted random swear words and all of this just made me wonder…what took me so long to do this? More than the drink date with Kool Guy, I actually enjoyed letting go, gulping cranberry and vodka like water because well…heat, and just living in the moment like a few others around me. It was all worth it, unknowingly my best friend and Kool Guy had given me a chance, a chance to live my life the way I never dared to.

P.s: A random piece of information, I also participated in/won my first twitter contest a few days before this, the prize was a free ticket to this gig 🙂

Harley Rock Riders

Hey, I love you – Yours Forever – Me

No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

Life is too short to not fall in love. When you’re single all you want is love and then when you’re in a relationship you forget the love, probably because you spend most of your time planning things that must happen in the perfect order. You know the usual, meet the one in college, get a graduation picture with him/her and then date him for a good 8 years before you get married and then have a time lapse gallery in your hallway so that when people come over they’re are appalled by your journey of love or disappointed because they couldn’t have that (Most people like the latter reaction, bitches.)

But I’m not even talking about that kind of love, hah gotcha! There goes 3 minutes of your life you’re not getting back…okay I’m drifting, focus. The point is we often forget that the 1 person who deserves all that love is…ourselves. Don’t worry I’m not going to rant about the whole oh love yourself because you’re a loner and nobody wants you (No seriously people usually think that, but never admit it to you) It really doesn’t matter, I think one should love themselves only because we can never let ourselves down. We expect the doable from our self and sometimes we out do or perform extraordinarily and that’s always a pleasant surprise. In fact recently I’ve realized that we have 24 hours in a day (Duhh not only that smartass read on, the realization is for part 2 of the sentence that’s coming up) we can always spare an hour heck 2 dedicated to just ourselves, do you know how self satisfying that is? Do whatever makes you happy; draw, doodle, paint, sleep, look out the window, dance, clean your closet, pack and unpack, play Pokemon (Oh I miss that! I’m doing just that right after I’m done) go to Starbucks with your MacBook and pretend like you’re a budding writer Haha, re-watch pretentious movie reviews while staring at Kanan Gill laugh because it’s so darn cute (Who? I don’t do that eww. Hah ha oooh awkward..okay moving on). Point being, don’t let a 9Gag post make your day, or a crush adding you on Facebook make your day memorable, do something that REALLY makes your day…you know, awesomesauce! Hmm seems like I found my new favourite word (If you’re interested the last one was yummerz, boy did my friends plot my murder for that or what!).

For me, I like maintaining this journal, it’s my wedding journal. I like cutting out outfits from a magazine, images of the perfect venue and other ideas from various sources and putting them together like in a scrapbook. Who knows, if in the future I’d have time to do this, but all I know is that it makes me happy now, and some of you would find it creepy because you know I don’t have a boyfriend and yet I maintain a wedding journal (By that I mean the men, girls, you’re totally going to do this after reading this…oh wait no not now finish this and then go! OR haven’t gone back to finishing what you once started as a hobby and well now remembered so would go back and complete it.) But hey, 6-7 years down this horribly confusing road we call life, I will look at this journal, and it would have made my day…for real.


All the single ladies…here’s why.

I don’t know about you, but I love being single! Maybe because I haven’t been single since the last 8 years (yes, it’s true). But I find myself around women wondering, “Hey! why am I single?” From my experience (a lot lesser than a lot out there) these would be the 4 top reasons:-

What’s wrong with comfort and convenience? No one wants to fuck it. – The Ugly Truth

Your love for sweatpants conquers all! Add a bucket of KFC to that and you have your Happily ever after right there! Also as much as guys complain about us dressing up and looking good, they love every bit of the outcome. Thus ladies I would say dress up for your man, give him a reason to give you an instant ‘WOW’ without even fishing for a compliment. It takes a lot of effort, but in the end it’s absolutely worth it (You’re welcome men).

A man will never love you or treat you as well as a store. – Confessions of a Shopaholic

Like Fergie says, a Prada dress may never break your heart, damn that woman knows her shit. But isn’t the whole point of a relationship a step forward, getting out of your comfort zone and letting that one special person in? Brownie points if he buys you a Prada dress too 😉 Double brownie points in my opinion if you buy it for yourself, but as much as retail therapy may help you get over all your worries, so will that warm hug at the end of the day from that special someone.

Your wedding’s gonna be huge…just like your ass at Prom – Bride Wars

Bridezilla, something I will be called on my wedding day. Some may say that I love planning events that cater to my life…I would say I’m a wedding planner on steroids. I have been planning my wedding ever since I knew what the word meant. Heck, my whole family has. It will be the most magical day on this earth and the universe will be in awe of it…but hey no pressure Future groom, just hang in there (and don’t interfere while I go ahead and plan this special day for us ok? *Keeps the knife back in the kitchen*) So, I guess it’s okay to not discuss your wedding plans with someone you’ve dated for a couple of hours or even years.

You cant live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love – The Notebook

Have you ever been with a guy and he’s all that you wanted? Like he fit your Perfect Man Checklist? Like he scored an A+, Like he literally made that checklist by himself, like you get where I’m going with this right? Yeah I found that, and yet somehow when time passes by you figure, wow this is what it feels like to have what you want and now you don’t want it anymore, because your wants were stupid. Even though at times it seems unfair you just need to let it go, because that’s the right thing to do, for yourself. People always tell me, plan your life! But that hasn’t been doing very well for me. I guess people should just do what their heart says or better do something so that you never have to look back and go “What if”.  At times leave it upto fate, to surprise you…and hey! Who doesn’t like surprises, right?

Now Serving: The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

I have watched innumerable seasons of The Sex & the City, 100 different chick flick movies and read so many inspiring but false novels about the Perfect Love Story, that it really made me believe that ‘Hey! that is so me. That guy she’s with is the ONE’ Just like I thought Santa and tooth fairies were out there. The myth about Tooth Fairies got busted when I actually broke half my milk tooth and found 500 baiza instead of RO.1 under my pillow (Thanks Dad) My myth about Santa got busted when Dad couldn’t keep a secret no longer (Runs in the family) Now that I’m 21, the myth of a Perfect Man has gone poof!

Sense of humour (Check)
Tall (Check)
Watches my genre of movies (Check)
loves to talk (Check)
Great side smile (I’m weird about that, sue me! Check)
Ambitious (Check)
Holds my hand in front of his/my friends (Check)
I couldn’t stop checking every little detail off my Perfect Man Checklist. I had that by the way, 4 times. Look where it got me? I’m single, in the city of dreams (Bombay, not New York…This isn’t Carrie Bradshaw) trying to figure out what went wrong. Did I expect too much? Is this being picky? Did all the gentlemen perish post my Dad’s generation?

While men ponder over and joke about ‘What a woman wants’, I’m sure my people wonder the same…the question is – does it matter what we want? The minute we proclaim what we want, you want something completely different and then we have to meet you halfway. When we want something, you tell us it’s illogical, unattainable, or manipulate us to want something YOU want. So the real question is ‘What is it that YOU want us to want?’ Hah! Then maybe, as the Perfect man may not exist, there maybe someone suited to fit your prototype. Soulmates I suppose do exist, or do you just get used to your partner after a while? This could make an interesting research someday. I bet half the couples I know, don’t even know it’s over because they’re so used to each other to wonder…where’s the love?

When I was 10, I’d want my Prince Charming to ride a white horse, give me the cheeziest of lines, text me all day long, make me laugh, smell good, buy me gifts…now all I want him to do is Give.Me.Some.Space, treat me like an equal, let me buy myself that diamond ring I always wanted to, to be self secure, to love me for what I am, have a smart sense of humor, forgive easily, be less hateful, let me go out with my girlfriends and never run out of topics to talk about. Well ladies, lets hope you find your prototype soon, and mine finds me.

Mouths Wide Shut – I hate veggies and vegetarians.

Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). Omnivores: what’s the one thing you won’t eat?

Bengalis are known to be huge foodies. But since when did I become the conventional big-eyed bong? The first thing people conclude when you’re a Bengali is that Oh that explains your eyes, *Hypothesis hence proven* and then they go “You LOVE ‘Phish’ don’t you?” No. I don’t *SHOCKER ALERT* I love chicken. My economics professor once told me that when I would walk on a farm, chickens flee from the sight of me. Sheesh, I hate to admit it but boy was he right!

True This

In my family, 1 meal must consist of meat. (if not all of them). My first preference would be chicken, then a lot of processed meat that is as unhealthy as a heart attack, and then finally Pomfret and Kinghfish fry. So you see, I am picky about my meat, and if I could, I would love to go about without vegetables…now THAT would be ideal.
Speaking about ideal, my ideal meal for a day would go something like this:-

Breakfast: Cheese centered sausages wrapped in Bacon and pepper salami. A portion of Nuttella Waffles or Pancakes, accompanied with a Malteser Shake to end on a sweet note.

Lunch: Shredded chicken made by me (A recipe shared by my best friend) accompanied with white rice with a little ghee. *YUMMERZ*

Dinner: Shepherd Pie made by my mum and some Caramel Latte & Cake Batter with white chocolate chips ice cream from Cold stone, to end a beautiful day with a probability of cholesterol hike and a tiny paunch that not one of you would mind…would you?

My favourite item would be my shredded chicken if not my mum’s shepherd’s pie, 2 things that I crave for since I now live alone in Bombay…in a vegetarian PG.

Oh Karma!

Why women can never keep a secret…or maybe it’s just me.

Locked and Sealed
Can you keep a secret? Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

I am the worst kind of secret keeper there ever will be. From surprises to secrets to gossip, I cannot keep anything inside, so much that my tummy begins to ache. Somedays back though my friend told me the reason as to why this happens. It’s quite interesting…I have shamelessly copy pasted the story because truth be told, I can never remember the names of people in the Mahabharata and Game Of Thrones lol.

Karna is one of the most fascinating characters in the Mahabharata, the Indian epic that tells the tale of a warring family.
Kunti was a young princess when the great sage Durvasa visited her father’s kingdom. She took great care of the sage and looked to his comforts with humility. The sage was pleased and decided to grant her a boon. With his unique powers, he foresaw the future, and taught her a mantra which would invoke a god of her choice, who would give her a son.
The young Kunti was curious about the mantra, and seeing the sun shining brightly, invoked the Sun God, but was appalled when she found herself with a small child, bright as the sun himself, wearing golden earrings and armour. Afraid of the consequences of her rash action, Kunti abandoned the child by placing him in a basket and floating it down the river.
The child was found by Adhirath, a charioteer of Hastinapur. A childless man, he took the child as a gift from the gods and brought him up as his own son. Named Vasusena by his adoptive parents, the child came to be known as Karna due to the golden earrings in his ears (Sanskrit: karn = ears) with which he was born.
Kunti then got married to Pandu, the king of Hastinapur. He was impotent and thus Kunti was able to use the mantra to beget three children from three other gods. Pandu had two more children through his other wife, Madri. These five children were known as the Pandavas. After the death of Pandu, it was Kunti who brought them all up. She was tremendously proud of the achievements of her five sons, but never forgot her first born, the one she could never call her own.
Karna grew up in the charioteer’s house, but his illustrious lineage showed through his actions. Wishing to learn the arts of war, he tried to gain acceptance into one of the many ashrams teaching young Kshatriyas and Brahmins the skill of handling weapons, but was refused admission since he was the son of a charioteer, considered to belong a low caste. Tutoring himself, he mastered many skills, and finally gained the tutelage of the great Parasurama, but under the guise of a Brahmin, since there was no other caste the sage would teach. Parasurama started teaching him the secret of the Brahmastra, (today this is identified as a nuclear weapon, debatable though), the greatest of all weapons, believing him to be a Brahmin. One day, as Parasurama reclined on Karna’s lap, a bee bit Karna, and, unwilling to wake the sage, Karna bore the pain as well as he could. The sage awoke and realized Karna’s predicament, but was furious, for he realized that no Brahmin could bear the kind of pain Karna had. He knew at once that Karna was a Kshatriya, and refused to accept Karna’s assurance to the contrary. In his anger, the sage cursed Karna that since he had lied to his guru, he would forget the warfare skills he had learnt through deceit at the moment he most needed them.
Karna’s misfortune continued when he mistakenly shot a cow and was cursed that he himself would be killed when he was as helpless as the cow he had killed.
In spite of such misfortunes, Karna continued to master all the skills he could learn. His caste again came in the way when he tried to prove himself as a talented archer, and he was not allowed to showcase his skills against those of the princes.
Duryodhana, first son amongst the Kauravas and cousin and arch enemy of the Pandavas, recognized the talent of the young man, and was quick to enlist his friendship, making him the King of Anga, thus elevating his status. It was a favour Karna never forgot, considering himself indebted to Duryodhana for the gesture, and stood by his friend through thick and thin, even after he learnt the story of his birth. While he was aware of Duryodhana’s wrongdoings and continually advised him against it, he was always grateful for his friendship, and always stood by his side, to the extent of fighting the war with Duryodhana against his blood brothers even when he knew he was doomed to die. He is thus considered to be the epitome of loyalty.
Arjuna and Karna were bitter enemies, especially since they were both equally adept at archery. Kunti worried about the rivalry between her sons and Karna. She recognized him as her abandoned son and regretted her hasty action. In an attempt to make amends, she went to meet him as he performed his oblations in the river to the sun, a ritual he performed every day at dawn. Surprised to see the mother of his rival waiting for him, he asked her the reason for her presence.
Kunti related to Karna the story of his birth and begged him to join the Pandavas, his brothers. Karna was saddened by the tale, but he said, “I can never abandon Duryodhana, since he befriended me when I had no friends. I cannot be so ungrateful as to abandon him in his need.” However, he reassured Kunti that his rivalry was with Arjuna. He would not fight or kill any of her other sons during the battle. He would only fight with Arjuna. “You will have five sons living at the end of thae war” he promised her ironically!
Lord Indra, father of Arjuna, was also worried, since he knew that Karna was the only danger to Arjuna. He also knew that as the son of the Sun God Surya, Karna was born with golden earrings and armour which made him invincible. He therefore decided to trick Karna into parting with them. Surya was aware of Indra’s intention, and warned Karna.
Indra arrived disguised as a Brahmin when Karna was completing his morning rituals, knowing that Karna would give alms to the poor Brahmins after he finished. Karna at once recognized Indra, but graciously asked him to accept something. Indra was waiting for Karna’s word, and at once asked him for his earrings and armour. Karna smiled, and taking his knife, immediately cut off the armour which grew with his body, and his earrings, and handed them over to Indra while remarking that he was happy to be able to give alms to the king of the gods himself.
Indra was stunned by Karna’s generosity, and offered him a boon in return. Karna asked for Indra’s Shakti, an invincible weapon which always found its mark. Indra had no choice but to grant his wish, but he added a condition that Karna would be able to use it just once.
Karna was surely the most generous of men, but his misfortunes in the form of various curses, and his bad choice of companions proved to be his downfall. Keeping his promise to Kunti, he refused to fight any of the Pandavas except Arjuna, saving his most potent weapon for his arch rival. Unfortunately, he was forced to use the Shakti when Bhima the Pandava’s rakshasa son Ghatotkach threatened to wipe out the Kaurava forces, since nothing else seemed to work against the giant.
In the final battle with Arjuna, all the curses that he had earned seemed to work together, when he first forgot the mantras which he had learnt from Parasurama, and finally when his chariot wheel got stuck in the mud, and he was killed by Arjuna while he was helpless, trying to get it out.
Following the Kurukshetra war, Tarpan vidhi (rites of passage) were performed for all the dead heroes. Kunti then requested her remaining five sons to perform the rites for Karna as well. When they protested, saying he was a charioteer, she revealed the truth of his birth.
The brothers were shocked to find that they had committed fratricide. Karna’s sons too had been killed by the Pandavas. Yudhishtira, the eldest, born to the Lord of Dharma, in particular, was furious with his mother and laid a curse upon all women that they should never thereafter be able to keep a secret.

And well so blame it on this epic because thereafter no woman could keep a secret, which is why the next time you tell me a secret and ask me not to tell anyone, my best friends, parents, boyfriend, and other interested parties don’t count 😛

Happy Monday everyone!

Meet the Birthday Princess

It’s Your Party
Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low-key birthday boy/girl?


I plan my year around my birthday Here are a few things you might find interesting:-

– I look for my birthday outfit when I go shopping…even if it’s 11 months in advance

– While I eat at a restaurant, I imagine how my birthday the next year would look like there…From the seating to the food.

– My best friend and I plan my birthday in advance…even if its the 11th of March

– We once blew 20 balloons of 3 different colours. Big ones. My cheeks hurts even reminiscing.

– If you don’t call me at or around 12 on the 10th of March, good luck explaining yourself…for another year.

– I always go for a Spa treatment during my birthday week…Yes a week of pampering must lead to the most legendary day of your life.

– Gifts I always appreciate: Spa vouchers, The Body Shop Vouchers/Products, Junk Jewellery, Perfumes, Bags, Shoes and all the girly things you can think of. My best friends make sure people don’t end up empty handed at my party.

– I am usually a happy person, but on my birthday I’m Phoebe Buffay on steroids in Disneyland 😉