9 Things Mindy Taught Me


In an interview of hers, I had read “I always get asked, ‘Where do you get your confidence?’ I think people are well meaning, but it’s pretty insulting. Because what it means to me is, ‘You, Mindy Kaling, have all the trappings of a very marginalized person. You’re not skinny, you’re not white, you’re a woman. Why on earth would you feel like you’re worth anything?’”

Makes sense right? People often come up to me and ask, “How are you so happy all the time?” or “How is it that you tend to get over things so quickly? Lucky you.” Of course, it sounds like a compliment but with a tiny crack, through which a little disappointment seeps in. You’re not perfect, and yet you’re okay with it. But here’s a question – Would you have preferred it differently? Everybody loves complaining and our friends are there to hear us out through the drama sequences of life. I complain a lot, and yet you may never have been at the receiving end of it. Count your stars my friend. While some of you may have been and have returned the favour much gladly. Don’t worry, I’ve loved listening to you rant. If I didn’t, you’d know.

So this is probably 1 of the million reasons as to why The Mindy Project is an all time favourite tv show for me. While I enjoy the humour (understatement) the show makes me think. Ponder. Learn. Want to know what? Here goes;

ONE. Life’s a mess. Make the most of it.


TWO. It’s okay to be irrational. In fact it’s more than ok, it’s hilarious.


THREE. Don’t settle for love, demand a fairytale


FOUR. It’s okay to get offended, just learn to let it go.


FIVE. Since when was having one best friend enough?


SIX. Be your own role model. It’s the best. You will never love anyone more. Maybe your dog, but what does he know. A lot. Yeah.


SEVEN. If you decide to get a prenup, don’t forget the 3 crucial rights. Chicken wings being the most crucial, of course.


EIGHT. You don’t need self help books to solve life problems, all you need is a donut. Try it sometime. With whipped cream.


NINE. And finally, speak your mind out. This is going to benefit you 10 years down the line. Trust me. I’ve learnt it the hard way.


Much love Mindy. Much love.


Hey, I love you – Yours Forever – Me

No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

Life is too short to not fall in love. When you’re single all you want is love and then when you’re in a relationship you forget the love, probably because you spend most of your time planning things that must happen in the perfect order. You know the usual, meet the one in college, get a graduation picture with him/her and then date him for a good 8 years before you get married and then have a time lapse gallery in your hallway so that when people come over they’re are appalled by your journey of love or disappointed because they couldn’t have that (Most people like the latter reaction, bitches.)

But I’m not even talking about that kind of love, hah gotcha! There goes 3 minutes of your life you’re not getting back…okay I’m drifting, focus. The point is we often forget that the 1 person who deserves all that love is…ourselves. Don’t worry I’m not going to rant about the whole oh love yourself because you’re a loner and nobody wants you (No seriously people usually think that, but never admit it to you) It really doesn’t matter, I think one should love themselves only because we can never let ourselves down. We expect the doable from our self and sometimes we out do or perform extraordinarily and that’s always a pleasant surprise. In fact recently I’ve realized that we have 24 hours in a day (Duhh not only that smartass read on, the realization is for part 2 of the sentence that’s coming up) we can always spare an hour heck 2 dedicated to just ourselves, do you know how self satisfying that is? Do whatever makes you happy; draw, doodle, paint, sleep, look out the window, dance, clean your closet, pack and unpack, play Pokemon (Oh I miss that! I’m doing just that right after I’m done) go to Starbucks with your MacBook and pretend like you’re a budding writer Haha, re-watch pretentious movie reviews while staring at Kanan Gill laugh because it’s so darn cute (Who? I don’t do that eww. Hah ha oooh awkward..okay moving on). Point being, don’t let a 9Gag post make your day, or a crush adding you on Facebook make your day memorable, do something that REALLY makes your day…you know, awesomesauce! Hmm seems like I found my new favourite word (If you’re interested the last one was yummerz, boy did my friends plot my murder for that or what!).

For me, I like maintaining this journal, it’s my wedding journal. I like cutting out outfits from a magazine, images of the perfect venue and other ideas from various sources and putting them together like in a scrapbook. Who knows, if in the future I’d have time to do this, but all I know is that it makes me happy now, and some of you would find it creepy because you know I don’t have a boyfriend and yet I maintain a wedding journal (By that I mean the men, girls, you’re totally going to do this after reading this…oh wait no not now finish this and then go! OR haven’t gone back to finishing what you once started as a hobby and well now remembered so would go back and complete it.) But hey, 6-7 years down this horribly confusing road we call life, I will look at this journal, and it would have made my day…for real.


Meet the Birthday Princess

It’s Your Party
Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low-key birthday boy/girl?


I plan my year around my birthday Here are a few things you might find interesting:-

– I look for my birthday outfit when I go shopping…even if it’s 11 months in advance

– While I eat at a restaurant, I imagine how my birthday the next year would look like there…From the seating to the food.

– My best friend and I plan my birthday in advance…even if its the 11th of March

– We once blew 20 balloons of 3 different colours. Big ones. My cheeks hurts even reminiscing.

– If you don’t call me at or around 12 on the 10th of March, good luck explaining yourself…for another year.

– I always go for a Spa treatment during my birthday week…Yes a week of pampering must lead to the most legendary day of your life.

– Gifts I always appreciate: Spa vouchers, The Body Shop Vouchers/Products, Junk Jewellery, Perfumes, Bags, Shoes and all the girly things you can think of. My best friends make sure people don’t end up empty handed at my party.

– I am usually a happy person, but on my birthday I’m Phoebe Buffay on steroids in Disneyland 😉


She is not my Best Friend

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need


Yup, you read it right! She is not my best friend…
People say close friends hear about your adventures but best friends live them with you…well this friend of mine has not only survived the adventures we have had, yet wouldn’t mind re-living each and every moment of happiness or regret in the past if it meant getting to spend more time with me. She is that friend in my life because of who our parents doubted our sexual orientation, as we would spend hours talking in the night, sneak up to the phone and delete the call from our call logs because we ‘shouldn’t’ be talking at 3 AM…I mean who made these rules anyway? Well whoever did, didn’t have a friend like her.
From witnessing a slug like monster pouring out of a pepsi bottle (Yes its true…See what I meant by adventure?) to witnessing a sandstorm in the middle of Winter (No you wont believe that because you HAD TO BE THERE TO) we have encountered such abnormal yet memorable times that its difficult to live without her now. 
In school we couldn’t wait for college so as to live with each other thereafter…but God had other plans for us…he was testing us, you know the drill, “The Long Distance Relationship”. But contrary to popular belief it actually worked out pretty well for us 🙂
There was a time in school when she had become a council member and I don’t know if it was or wasn’t a big deal…I had turned up to cheer for her (as a surprise). I will never forget the look on her face when she saw me…mostly because that was my face the night she turned up at my door on my 19th Birthday to surprise me. Its that feeling when you are SO FRIKKING happy that your brain cant take it anymore and gets confused due to the sudden extreme flow of emotions and then decides to make you laugh and cry at the same time. Its pretty confusing for people to understand what you are going through at that minute of emotional explosion…but not for my friend here. We both knew how we felt exactly.
I complete her sentences and she completes my life…She is not my Best friend…Friendship is an understatement, She isn’t a part of my life…She is my life 🙂
My soulmate and Human Diary
Here’s me, at my utmost Gay moment sharing with the world what you mean to me ❤ 

A letter to my 30 year old self :)

This was a brilliant concept to be published in our Yearbook…but hey who needs the Yearbook if we can spend all our money booking the auditorium for an air conditioned – unplanned – Farewell 🙂 Anyway why let the humour and sentiments go to waste…

I know it’s been a hard day…the client and the copywriter are on your hit list and you were throwing darts on their picture before your eye caught this, but hey! it cant be worse than not having a weekend in college! Its worse??? Ooooh that bad huh? Well now you’re only ticket to fame would be if Raunak remembered to mention you as ‘Gal Pal’ in his latest interview which oh by the way was on air sometime back when you were stuck in traffic counting the number of cars ahead of you in line -.-

Oh but don’t worry… Life has its plans all laid out for you kid! You will soon have your own advertising agency someday where maybe your grandchildren could intern (yeah its going to take that long) or you could jointly start one with Jeel (your copy-writer), Foram (anything under the sun-er) & Akriti (Servicing)…remember them? And the rest of them? Ooooh remember Panchgani? ❤ remember the farewell? The last ad party at WTF! Blur memories yet happy ones. So while you sit there smiling and reminiscing lets be thankful for an amazing college life, amazing friends, and the fact that ab tak sabka placement hogaya 🙂

Here’s to an amazing 3 years of my life that I would curse each day but now find it difficult to remember why 🙂



Yes, we have more than 1 best friend…Deal with it

We women are complicated beings…yes we are, only ONE individual cannot comprehend our lives, which is why we have friendS…some fake, some real…some close and some best. As I grow older…my friends get lesser, no its not a sad thing it’s a good thing, because as time passes I know the one’s who’ll stick with me and the one’s who’d wither away…I have a special list of best friends, they know who they are and most importantly I know who they are and the fact that they’ll stick by my side not like a sticky note but like super glue (:

The Impulsive One

They are the ones who DO…not always with a Lenovo laptop (no offence). They are the one’s who take an action before even thinking, the one’s who’s do ANYTHING under the sun for you to stop crying, or to make you laugh. They don’t believe in sitting down and analyzing any situation, they like to jump to a conclusion…they’re the one’s I go to when I need a solution or a judgment…FAST. Impulsive decisions do turn out to be memorable, mostly for the good and at times for the bad…but never regretful. When you cry they are ready to bring the heavens down, they would plan your birthday and your gifts, ‘NO’ is something they don’t understand nor do they want to, all they understand is the hug that we give each other 500 times a day. They’re the most fun people to hang out with and the ones who would stick with you for life!

The Cynical Critic

Yes there are times when you just want to hear the truth about yourself, the truth about your decision or maybe the truth about others, No s/he doesn’t really bitch…but is good to bitch with. They find fault with everything, at times when you feel funny about something going wrong, this friend helps find out exactly what, when, where, how and who. When the little green monster creeps into you, you know exactly who to go to and bitch about a situation, a person, or a thing. They are the one’s who don’t care much about your sentiments…but care more for friend in you who needed to know the truth…no matter how bitter it is. You often want to shake the friend and say “You are rude and cold and cynical and too honest for my liking” But you don’t because beneath all the mean-ness is a friend who would look at your teary eyes when you are upset and just ask “coffee?”

The Guy Friend

No matter how much we hate men in general, we always have that one guy friend who we turn to when we need a ‘man’s opinion’. It’s always better to get a truthful insight from a guy friend than prospect boyfriend. This friend wouldn’t mind you bitching, cribbing, pms-ing, bitching, gossiping….bitching anddddd gossiping (Hahaha at times if you’re lucky, he’l return the favor). He may or may not have a crush on you but wont ever reveal it in fear of losing the most precious thing in his life…you (Which means initial hitting on will stop and he enters what men call the ‘friend zone’). Yes at times he can be “THE ONE” because the only person you hang out with apart from your girlfrieds becomes him…and gradually nobody gives a damn about your ‘single statuses’ and well now that the guy is in your comfort zone he will soon turn out to be your ‘Raj’ ❤ The guy friend is always good to have around you, yes now if you’re committed this guy friend takes a backseat in your life…but that dreaded night when your ‘perfect man’ (who obviously isn’t the same anymore) walks out on you at 3 in the morning…a call and a few tears later, The Guy Friend is next to you, on the sofa holding a tissue box and a box of your favourite chocolates or ice cream.

The One Far Away

They say distances make the heart grow fonder….I would know, never happened to me in a relationship but a friend who I barely knew for about 2 years…remains in my heart till date! Like they say some people just click! This friend is always an email away…you know like a pen friend only you know him or her very well J This friend is someone you may not meet ever but as and when you talk you make plans as to when you might meet…the moments spent with this friend are never forgotten as they are so close to yourself! Ive always liked to be in touch with a best friend so far away because I know someday somehow somewhere when I see his or her face…I will spend hours in a coffee shop discussing every intimate detail about my life, For me I have never hidden anything from this friend because she never judges me for one and secondly because she understands everything…there is no need to explain ANYTHING!

The Family Friend

You know from when you looked like a tiny monkey…there was another monkey who would be your partner in almost everything…dance, dinners etc. The one you’ve literally grown up with, familys have met, they’ve had a drink…now that wev grown up wev had a drink. The advantage I had is having this person as a classmate, which is why the family friend and I bonded even more, of course most misunderstandings happen here…and so does a lot of pretending because families mustn’t know of the fit we throw, but slowly and gradually we grow out of that too and end up knowing a person who you can tolerate without pretending anymore, all you need to do is open up and spread the love and it comes right back at you…maybe a bitch to the world (the reason for our bond is that we are almost alike at this) but towards each other undying love and admiration, we know the most embarrassing secrets about the other…well atleast I do lol which makes our bond stronger, the family friend will always be there no matter what and is here to stay!

The All In One

You know the feeling when you have that one best friend who fits into all the categories mentioned above? Yes, fortunately I am one of those individuals who have found the ‘The All Rounder’ in my life. S/he is with you 24/7 either on the phone or physically or over chats and emails…all the time and the one you never get bored of listening to…the one you can sit for 10 hours straight and just talk to about ‘life’. The one who you call when you’ve made the biggest mistake ever…just for them to tell you…its okay it wasn’t your fault, I’m with you! The friend who your parents could adopt, the friend who doesn’t need to knock on your door before entering, that friend who has read your diary time and again and wants to burn it because even her life story is in it, the one who smiles at the world but cries in your arms, the one who would travel any distance just to be with you, the one who will build my house lol andddd the one you have never fought with and never will because you can never fight with someone who is sculpted and designed by the Gods for you to love and treasure for the rest of your life.