You don’t need an eye for Photography. You need a vision.

In a generation where self portraits (i.e. selfies) have taken over the lives and phone space of millions, I came across an advertisement that wasn’t just a visual treat or brilliant copy; it was a full package experience.

While I was in college a professor of mine had told me, “Mute the ad and watch it. If you understand what the message is, the work’s done and done well”. I came across the thumbnail of the Lux Perfume Portrait Ad several times this week, but didn’t bother opening it. What new is left for Lux to offer? Another sensual ad with Katrina looking dreamy? (Tip: Watch all of Katrina’s ads on mute. Slice, Choc On, Lux choose your pick, you will see what I mean). But then I came across the Behind the Scenes with Bhavesh Patel – The Photographer. It caused an intrigue, and I clicked on it. Go on! Watch it first! You wont regret it. Keep the volume high and your senses open to absorb this piece of art.

First let me do a happy dance because good ads are back and it’s only the start of 2015 *Does Happy Dance*

Now, to delve in deeper. Notice, happy people are ALWAYS beautiful. They have more colour in their cheeks because their blood is coursing through their veins at a more rapid pace. THAT is the scientific justification. How I see it is, when someone is happy – They are comfortable and being comfortable is sexy. That dash of perfume you use for your date night, it’s the special perfume, the one you use for special occasions only. Why? Not because the components of the perfume are any different, they are all just different moods/fragrances bottled up in fancy cut glass jars. But that dash of perfume tends to kick in the confidence, helps you pick your chin up and flash that million dollar smile. You feel no less than Katrina Kaif or ever better perhaps. Katrina in this ad does the exact same thing for the photographer – looks stunning, knows it and owns it. Her aura overwhelms him. He calls her fragrance ‘sensual yet playful’. The colour purple brings out the sensuality and the ‘fabric playing’ is playful. But how does HE know that? The Fragrance. Notice how the word Fragrance is used. Not smell, not odour, not scent but fragrance. The source of this fragrance is Katrina who is represented as the Black Orchid that in the initial part of the ad both the photographer and her are seen smelling. That’s how the photographer could make the connect between the two and create magic.

This wasn’t an ad, it was Art. A Perfume Portrait of Katrina Kaif, keeping in mind her sensual and playful fragrance – All thanks to Lux.


Rightly stated, we all discovered the power of fragrances.